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Do you want more visitors to your site? Then you need TRAFFIC. Let's face it, without traffic, nobody is reading what you have to say. On the internet, as you know, LINKS =TRAFFIC. Links are an essential thing for any website, blog or otherwise, to get noticed by the search engines. People sell links, buy links and exchange links in order to get to the top of the Google page. There are many good programs that explain ways to get more traffic, this one is the best (I have been implementing these strategies on several of my websites).

A few years ago, I started a group on Blog Catalog Called Link Love. At the time, I had the best of intentions and I even highlighted some of my members' sites on my Hot Dog Truck site in the Link Love tab. It was an effective way to help promote fellow bloggers and to get some visitors to my own site. It worked very well. New readers were introduced to the Hot Dog Truck and I found many new, interesting and useful blogs as well as a host of like minded bloggers. As the focus for that site evolved, I got away from doing those types of posts and, unfortunately, did not promote the Link Love Group the way it should be promoted. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! (forgiveness is an essential component to Love, Link Love or otherwise).

I have decided to resurrect the Link Love community and try to make it what I wanted it to be before I went in other directions. I have linked EVERY MEMBER of the group here and on the Hot Dog Truck.

I have a few simple Rules for Link Love:

Must have an Active BlogCatalog account
Must be a Member of the Link Love Community on BlogCatalog
Must actually have a blog/website-I won't link to profiles
Any sites that get a "Malware warning" don't get linked
No hateful, mean, hard core pornographic or overly spammy sites allowed

There is no need to reciprocate with a link if you don't want to, but it is appreciated! As the Beatles said: "The love you take is equal to the love you make." That includes Link Love!

You can copy and paste the link list to your site-in a post or elsewhere- or you can announce your Link Love affiliation by downloading the Badge. Simply copy the HTML in the box below and put it on your site!

Boston Bachelor
Funny Clean Videos !
Blog Blond
Fantasy or Prehistory?
Much of a muchness
La Vie En France - Life In France
The Paradox That Is Elmer Q Gooseburger
Planet Earth Peace Party
Council of Truth
Nutrition for Vegheads
Enigmanuts Blog Page
Real Words from a Real Writer
Quoth The Raivyn
pitchu pitchu
For All Your Blogs
Advanced Life Skills
Niche Blogging
Internet Marketing and Making Money Online
The Kerala Articles
Bikini Destinations
Inspired Geek
Life, in progress.
Your Successful Mind
..::Creative Arts::..
Cool Desktop Wallpapers
My Thoughts
Gizmo Coded Name
Amazing pictures from all over the world
Make a pound
Electronic Gadgets Garden
Just Sharing Tips and Tricks Information
The Pinklatex Show
Anime Search Site
Personal Finance
Seo New Technique
Ongaku - The World of Anime Music
Fast Cash at Home
Virtual Synapses: Mind Power Blog
Web Marketing Stuff
David Odang dot com
Money Bleeding...
A Moms Connection
American Bankruptcy Blog
the blue speckled diary
Why Zrii (tm) and what is Amalaki?
EUREKOS , a Belgian guy on a mission
The estetic of senses!
How to live a more fulfilling life
The Native Sentimental Maniac Reflections of a Crazy Life
Wicked Cool Videos

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