More Inspiration!

I told you all about the guy from New York who said I was his hero last week.

Here's an email I got while away for the 4th of July Weekend:

"just wanted to put a shout out to you. My name is Jim and We Started
our business 2 months ago and we are doing well already. Here are
some pics of our truck. Thanks for being a good resource for some
info. call sometime or visit if you are ever down in Florida."

He sent a TON of pictures, here are a few:

SWEET rig, Jim! It looks brand spankin new on the inside.

I'll be sure to stop by Boxer Dogs when in the area.

I am glad to be an inspiration to hot dog men and women EVERYWHERE!

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1 comment:

Michael said...

Wow nice truck!! I hope to have one like that someday!

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