San Francisco Treat

I never could figure out why Rice-a-Roni was the San Francisco treat. My aunt, uncle and cousins who live out there don't even like the stuff!

I used to visit them when we were younger (when my mother took us for a visit in the summer) and I have great memories of those trips. We'd see the sights and EAT. San Francisco is a great seafood town. I remember chowing down on crabs until I couldn't move!

Pier 39 is San Francisco's version of Fanuel Hall. We would always spend a day there when we visited. I rented roller skates one summer-back when "roller disco" was big and I boogied all over the pier. Good God was I a schmuck!

Mom was always good about taking us all over town to see the sights. We rode a street car, saw the crookedest street in the world, went to Golden Gate park, and we even spent half a day on Alcatraz Island. I always liked the zoo best. San Francisco has a fantastic zoo.

There are tons of things to do in San Francisco and mom always managed to find fun stuff for my brother and me.

I'd like to go back for a visit as an adult. I'm sure I could get into lots more trouble now! I wouldn't go with mom either. I'd have someone like Trusted Tours & Attractions run me around town. I like taking an organized tour of a city and then going back to the places that interest me. Of course when I was a kid, we didn't have online travel guides to review before planning a trip.

If I'm looking for things to do in Boston, I KNOW where to go. But if I wanted to go to San Francisco or Kennedy Space Center, I'd do some online research first.

There's a great site with tons of travel info called Trusted Tours and they've got a cool contest going on. Just for signing up for their travel newsletter, they'll give you a shot at winning a $150 iTunes gift card.

Just don't ask for Rice-a-Roni.

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