Working for It

My fourteen year old is working with me two days a week this summer in addition to her job as a cashier at a local grocery store. Getting a job was her big priority last summer because she wanted to save up for a laptop computer. Now that she has the computer, she's got designs on some other things.

Her school offers educational travel opportunities. Next year, they are planning to travel to London.

The kids get to see a lot of England's historical attractions including St. Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle, Royal Albert Hall, Trafalgar Square and, of course, Big Ben. They're chaperoned by professional tour guides and the company provides security guards for the kids while they're touring.

They'll also get to travel to Dublin and Barcelona on this tour!

While it gets a bit cramped with two folks in the Hot Dog Truck, I like the idea of a kid seeing other parts of the world and learning about history. I don't care if they travel to New York or Rome, the experience is priceless. My kids are lucky their high school offers educational travel as an option. I also like that my daughter's taking it upon herself to earn the money for the trip. I'll bet a lot of the kids on these tours are going on mom and dad's dime. She'll appreciate it a lot more than many of those kids since SHE earned it.

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