Beware of a Comcast Scam

The scammers are everywhere. I just got this email from my sister in law:

This just happened to me:

I got a call (no caller ID), the woman said
"I'm Terry from Comcast. Your account is past due and your scheduled to be disconnected on the 15th. This is a courtesy call. Would you like to pay it off, over the phone, with a credit card? That way you won't be disconnected on Monday."

She was kind of pushy about it and kept saying that this was a courtesy call, but If I didn't pay this, my Comcast service was going to be cut off.

Well, I don't handle the Comcast bill, Steve does. So I told her something to that effect and that I'd have him look into it. and thanked her for the notice and hung up.

Now I'm thinking Steve wouldn't let his cable bill get unpaid. So, I called him and let him know he may want to take care of this. As it turns out, that bill is paid, up to date. He even called Comcast to see if anyone had called us and if there was a mix up. No one from there called us.

So..... either Comcast is really messed up (probably, but not this time) or the most likely scenerio.... I didn't give a scam artist my credit card info. WHEW!!!!!

Please be careful who you give your info to. And couples.... "Terry" asked for Steve and then asked if I was his wife.....because I could take care of it.... that doesn't usually happen. Anyway....
Please be careful.

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