Sad Nigerian Email Scam

I received the following email the other day:

Hello Friend,
Attention Sir/Madam

Please don't be surprise to receiving this mail, I was appointed to pay all the foreign contractors that executed contract here in River State Nigeria, after paying all the contractors, this amount of money was remaining in our custody, I decided to contact and present you as one of the contract beneficiaries so that I can transfer some part of the contract entitlement fund into your bank account

What I require is utmost co-operation as this transaction involves a very large sum of money. The money is 12 million but I want to transfer 6 million into a foreign account And return the remaining to Federal Government this is why I have decided to Contact you to see if you will assist in the transaction as I have a very short period Left to conclude with this contract payment proceedings.

Ibrahim abubakar

Special Adviser on Contract and

Fund Entitlement Matters

There are millions of these emails out there claiming to offer me a cut in some illicit scheme to get "my share" of unclaimed money. These types of emails are commonly known as "Nigerian Email Scams" since many of them originate in Nigeria (or so I've read).

This particular one is a little sad. First of all, the perpetrator of the email greets me as his friend, then proceeds to call me "Sir/Madam." If I was such a good friend, you'd think the guy would know my gender.

Second, the guy doesn't even bother to hide the fact that he's from Nigeria. You'd think a smart scammer would try to hide the fact that he's from a country known for email scamming.

Third, I am always amazed that a Hotdogman from Massachusetts is such a frequent beneficiary of goodwill from corrupt bankers, contractors, ex-wives and government officials all over the world. To date I have been offered to be the recipient of ill gotten international funds totalling over 1 billion dollars!

Last, this guy doesn't capitalize his last name. I don't know if this is a Nigerian custom or this guy is just a dumb ass.


Even dumb email scam letters aren't as funny or creative as they used to be!

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