This is More Like it!

The other day I posted a pretty sorry excuse for a Nigerian email scam letter.

Today I post another example:

Dear Friend,

I am Lloyd Phillips. A solicitor and confidant to the late German property
magnate Andreas Schranner who was on board the ill-fated AF4590 concord
plane crash of 25 July 2000. . As the attorney to
Andreas Schranner here in UK, I am aware of the amount Fourteen Million
United State Dollars ($14, 000,000), proceeds from the sale of properties
here in UK, he deposited with a bank in Europe before his death.

I have decided to pull the fund out before the bank declares it
unserviceable. This has become necessary since my client died some years
back. Moving the money in my name is not possible since he use to be my
client. I hereby solicit for your assistance and consent to present you as
my partner and next of kin to the deceased so that the proceeds of this
account valued at fourteen million, United States Dollars ($14,000,000)
will be transferred into your account. I am ready to concede 40% of the
funds to you as your share. As a lawyer, I will secure all necessary
documents to back up our claim and personally apply to the bank for the
release of the funds into your account. I assure you it will be a
legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. I
also need your assurance that you will follow my instructions and be
sincere in all your dealings with me.

As soon as I hear from you, I will give you more information on this


Lloyd Phillips

While this is obviously another twist on the Nigerian email scam, it is a far better, more believe able example.

1. There are no spelling errors in the letter (with the exception of a non capitalized "concorde.")
2. The gentleman alleged to have left $14 million in an account is indeed dead (proof is provided).
3. As an attorney, I wouldn't put it past the guy writing the letter to be a greedy, decietful scumbag (my apologies to all non greedy, forthright and honest attorneys who may be reading this).
4. What better partner in international monetary fraud could there be than me, the Hotdogman!

While I know this is a scam, I at least give the attempted perpetrator an "A for effort."

Does anyone really fall for this BS? Know of anyone who has?

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Homer said...

Possibly you missed the best one

Joshua Xalpharis said...

If people do fall for it, I'm in the wrong business.

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