Wild Times in Wildwood

I have an old friend in New Jersey and we have been trying to get together for a family beach vacation for a few years. He brought his family up to our place a bunch of years ago and we also visited them down on the Jersey shore a few years ago.

He always rents a house for a couple of weeks in Wildwood, New Jersey during the summer. We used to go there BC (before children) and have wild party weekends. Now that we're all grown up with kids of our own, we tend to lean towards more family oriented activities. Since he rents a house, we don't have to worry about finding a place to stay. This is a good thing because we like to hit some of the amusements in Wildwood with the kids.

Morey's Pier is a fun amusement park. It's an "old school" beach front amusement park. There used to be lots of these kinds of parks on the entire east coast-sadly many are going condo! Whenever we go there, it takes me back to my youth at Revere Beach or Nantasket Amusement Parks. Morey's is indeed one of the last of it's kind. The have all the classic rides, including a Mrs. HDM approved roller coaster (Mrs. HDM LOVES roller coasters). There's also the Raging Waters Water Park which the kids really like.

Even though we are almost done with summer, there are still lots of weekly specials so you can save a few bucks. If you don't want to rent a house for two weeks, you can find plenty of Wildwood hotels and motels on Morey's website.

Even though I am a creature of Buzzard's Bay, I still enjoy the Jersey shore with the family.

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