I got this comment from the ODB on my Next Year post about the Boston Red Sox LOSING the ALCS:

"The decade of "The Chowd" is over, finished, done...With Manny gone you have little hope. Brady will never be the same and so will the Pats. Now all we need is for Garnett to go down and the Hat Trick is complete - A complete implosion of "Chowd Nation"!!!

It's gonna be a cold winter for you loosers..."

ODB is a frequent reader and he almost always has something confrontational to say when he leaves a comment. He obviously harbors great resentment towards Boston sports teams. This is because the teams in Southern California basically suck and have always sucked. He compensates for this by attempting to bash our Boston teams.

Let's review point by point:

With Manny gone you have little hope- Hmmmm. The Red Sox had a better winning percentage without Manny. Last time I checked, the Dodgers (where disgruntled Red Sox go to die) got eliminated in the NLCS- with Manny. Manny is the best hitter of our generation and if he ever played the game the way it should be played, he'd be the best of all time. Instead he's a no hustle statistical side show.

Brady will never be the same and so will the Pats.- I think he means "neither will the Pats," but we'll leave grammatical contextual faux pas out of this discussion for now. Brady will be back next year and he'll be Brady-a proven, never say die WINNER. Will the Pats go 16-0 again? Yeah, in 35 years maybe. Will they make the playoffs and contend for a championship this year? Hell yes-just watch. They are 4-2 (3rd best win percentage in the NFL). Last time I checked, your Chargers were 3-4.

Now all we need is for Garnett to go down and the Hat Trick is complete- SO ODB needs to wish physical injury to a player to satisfy his warped sense of sporting inferiority?

A complete implosion of "Chowd Nation"!!!- What the hell is CHOWD NATION? Whatever it is, it can't be as bad as "Perennial Loser With a Chip on Your Shoulder Nation."

Guess what ODB-the Red Sox WILL CONTEND NEXT YEAR, the PATRIOTS WILL CONTEND THIS YEAR and as for the Celtics, who cares-the NBA sucks anyway. Savor Boston's misfortunes, ODB. They're temporary and your teams (and your maniacally misplaced anger) are meaningless to us. I said it in plain English "YOU CAN'T WIN EVERY YEAR." You folks in Southern Cally ought to know!

It's gonna be a cold winter for you loosers... -By the way, the word is "LOSER." "LOOSER" means something is more loose than some other thing as in "this XXXL Championship Patriots sweatshirt is LOOSER than my medium CHARGERS SUCK sweatshirt." GET IT RIGHT!

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