Whoever you vote for, VOTE!

If you don't like any of your choices, I have an option for you:


Write me in and, if elected, I PROMISE I will do the following:

Abolish the Federal income tax. The idiots in Washington have wasted enough of our money. It STOPS in my administration. Instead of taxes, I'll set up a website where folks can voluntarily donate to programs of their choice-you'll even be able to pay with Paypal!

Create Corporate tax incentives for alternate energy. Companies that create and manufacture technology that would wean the USA off oil would receive generous tax incentives. That would include solar power technology, alternate fuel vehicles, wind power etc. GET THE OIL MONKEY OFF OUR COUNTRY'S BACK!

Outlaw Ketchup on Hot Dogs! Need I say more?

So if the lefty liberal or the right wing warmonger don't suit you, VOTE FOR THE HOTDOGMAN!!! (I know I'm getting at least one vote!)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The move to outlaw Ketchup on a hot dog has made my voting choice easy. Make it 2 votes for the HotDogMan. BigDog540.

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