A Sonnet for the Hot Dog Truck

It turns out I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

Here's a sonnet I wrote about the Hot Dog Truck for my new site A Sonnet a Day

Ancient Grumman wagon, body by Ford
My home away from home, my famous truck
Quality of my wares, I give my word
The best hot dogs are no matter of luck

It is the care of the preparation
The deft and mindful grilling of the bun
That makes them famous throughout the nation
And makes going to work a lot of fun

But now the truck is gone to be run by
Another hotdogman, I hope he'll make
His hot dogs as lovingly as did I
So he'll be a true dogman, not a fake

Once a Hotdogman, you always are, see
We are a small and proud fraternity!

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1 comment:

shawntai said...

I think this is the first poem I have ever read about hot dogs that didn't involve baseball. I enjoyed it. Your blog came up when I was looking for blogs about hot dogs. If you are ever in West Michigan, check out Dogs with Style. Meanwhile, you can check out the review.

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