Theme to "All in the Family," with extra mustard

Back in the "olden days," as my kids call them, we had one black and white television in our house. It got five channels- NBC, CBS and ABC networks and a couple of local UHF channels. We could sometimes get a third UHF channel if we fiddled with the antennae enough.

In the days before cable and multiple TV's in homes, watching a good TV show was a family event. One of my family's favorites was "All in the Family." It used to be on on Saturday nights and my little brother and I would watch and laugh until our sides split. Even back then, I did a pretty mean Edith Bunker impersonation.

My brother rather reluctantly agreed to perform the song for our kids with him singing Archie's part and me reviving my Edith part.

What follows is a video documentation of two grown men being very silly. Watch little bro try to keep from laughing (when the song ended there was much hilarity).

So, at the risk of alienating my little bro... I give you the Theme Song to "All in the Family."

View the real Theme to All in the Family HERE

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Locksmith in Westchester NY said...

It is really extra mustard..
Thank you for the post..

Babs said...

Very nice...if the hot dog business withers...maybe you could audition for America's Got Talent?.....Maybe?
Enjoyed your blog too

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