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A few months ago, I "cleaned up" this site-made it a bit more navigable, streamlined things and so forth. 

I had planned on "going Wordpress" and making big changes, but I found the new Blogger templates suited me fine, so I decided to stay on the Blogger platform. After all, the price is right, and I don't have to re-invent the wheel.

There was still something that needed to be done though. The site needed a new look. 

When I first started this blog nearly 4 years ago, I won a contest and the prize was a new, professionally designed header. This is the header I've been using all those years:

It served me well, and, once again, the price was right!

In case you didn't notice the top of the page, I got a new header. Who do you think I had do it?

If you answered, "the same person who did the first one," YOU'RE RIGHT.

Revka Stearns, who was a freelancer 3 years ago,  has gone big time with her web design company, Berries and Cream Blog Design. They do custom web designs and blog headers.

She remembered me as one of her first projects and I think she did a bang up job on the new header. Hopefully it will last another three years.

Thanks, Revka.

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1 comment:

Revka Stearns said...

Rob, it was quite a pleasure working with you again - just as much as the first time. I don't think I'll ever forget you first 25 people who agreed to be my test to see if my skills were marketable.

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing me to create your new header. I think the design ideas you had for your new header are just right for the new look. Good taste. :)

I'll always be happy to help you in any way I can. Keep up the good work.


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