A pitcher of Guinness?

So Mrs. Hotdogman and I are out at a bar last week checkin' out Playin' Dead (one of the drummers was a die hard Hot Dog Truck regular back in the day) and the bartender starts filling a pitcher full of Guinness. A pitcher of Guinness? 

I've been to a couple of bars through the years and Mrs. Hotdogman was a bartender for 6 years; neither one of us has EVER seen someone order a pitcher of Guinness. The bartender who filled it hadn't ever seen it either- in fact he informed the person who ordered it that it really wasn't the best idea. I don't know if I'd ever see this again, so I snapped a picture.

It does look delicious! Maybe I'll take a pitcher for myself; it's really just a big mug......

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