Do you like being inspired? Do you like movies that are true stories that feature people overcoming overwhelming odds to achieve their dreams? Did you like Rudy or The Blind Side? Do you like football?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then you MUST SEE Unfinished Business.

It's the story of a guy who played high school football, but he dropped out because he got cut due to poor grades. He spent the next ten years drifting in an alcoholic fog. Eventually, he got straight and found love and success-but something was missing. He wanted to play college football. At age 38.

This story left me with a lump in my throat. It is one of the best sports movies/documentaries I have ever seen and it's only available online. Check out Unfinished Business, you won't be sorry!

Here's what some other folks say:

“This week’s edition of CBC Sports Journal has the memorable story of Greg Horvath, a 38 year old Saskatchewan real estate salesman and recovering alcoholic who decides to pursue his seemingly impossible dream of going to college and playing college football. It’s an inspiring and touching look at never giving up on your dreams!”

Chris Zelkovich
-The Toronto Star

“Unfinished Business delves into and explores the application of life, self-actualization and confronting life head-on. It’s a playbook about life, Horvath’s life – where he tackles his problems and faces his fears. Unstoppable, Horvath exerts his determination – while executing his plan by blocking, out running and tackling his opponents, his own demons and past mistakes – play by play, as he finds his own way to the end zone of life!
Great film…special man!”

Suzy Harrison
-Coast Line News, California

“Unfinished Business…is a sweeping parable of Everyman redemption.”

Dave Wielenga
-OC Weekly, California

“He fulfilled a dream in academics and athletics!”

-CBC Television

“This week the remarkable story of one man’s yearning to fulfill a 20 year old dream before it’s too late.”

-Sports Journal

“What began as a 38 year old recovering alcoholic and high school drop out’s life-long dream to go to college and to play college football, has become one of the most inspiring, real life stories of forgiveness, perseverance, and following your heart!”

- The New York International Independent Film Festival

“It’s not just a story about football and overcoming addiction. It speaks to the human spirit in all of us. What an inspirational story...what an inspirational man!"

-Laguna Beach Film Festival, California


-The Hotdogman

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