Hot Dog Vending Machine

My son, (affectionately known as Hotdogman Jr.) went to the Auto Show with a couple of his friends last week.

He took a ton of pictures of sweet rides like this one.

He also found two somewhat disturbing vending machines, pictured below:

Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are HOT DOG vending machines! I have bought drinks, snacks, even a toothbrush from a vending machine-but never a hot dog.

I have never heard of "Glatt Kosher" hot dogs. Whether they are any good or not, the concept of a hot dog from a vending machine is somewhat dubious. I'm not sure if I want anything that goes "from grilled to chilled in under a minute," probably less so if it comes from a machine.

HDM Jr. decided to do a little field research and try one, so he plunked $4.50 into the machine and waited. I appreciate his zest for research, but with less "scientific motivation," I must question the sanity of anyone who even THINKS about buying one of these things, let alone paying $4.50 for the privilege. For that kind of money, you can get THREE Coney Island Dogs at George's Coney Island in Worcester.

I am also having issues with the thought processes going through anyone's mind that would want to eat one of these:

1. I'm hungry.
2. What should I eat?
3. Snack bar?
4. Grab something after the show on the way home?
5. Oh, wait-there's a hot dog vending machine over there and they're ONLY $4.50! I am all over that crud!

The funniest part is the food court was about 20 feet from these machines.

HDM Jr. got his "chilled to grilled" dog in the requisite minute and he said it was the most foul hot dog he had ever eaten. It was luke warm, chewy, and the bun was soggy. He threw half of it away and said his stomach felt "a little gross" for a few hours after eating just half of it.

The moral of the story is, well, if you can't figure that out, I have a slightly used $4.50 hot dog I can hook you up with...

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