Honesty is the best policy

This guy who was panhandling on one of the walkways in Vegas got my dollar for his straightforward, honest sales pitch.

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Darryl said...

This has to be a picture highlight of the trip. It amazed me how much poverty there was in las vegas.

In fact I found it ironic that an industry, which is currently split in its honest, has these glistening a-listers and those who just want beer money.

This is the same as Vegas, amazing glitzy big corporates earning all the money, and those who are barely making a living, or just want entertainment money!

Hope that makes sense!

hotdogman said...

Beer is good.

Angel said...

Great idea man. I wish I could make a sales pitch for my business like -
"Why Lie? Just want to sell Quality HDPE Pipe... lol

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