The Hotdogman's Top Ten Favorite Lyrics of ALL TIME

I have always liked music. Back in the day, I had hundreds of albums. Then I migrated to CDs. Now I get all my music from a small device about the size of an old cassette tape (remember those).

 Over the years, I have heard my favorite tunes many times and there are some lyrics that just grab me every time. I have a list of my Top Ten Favorite Lyrics-with videos- for your enjoyment. Feel free to add one of your own in the comments section.

10. "I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day!"
This song is the embodiment of what rock and roll is. Fun, fast, and loud. My toes always tap to this one. The first concert I ever went to was a KISS concert. I was seated in the eigth row and Gene Simmons spit blood on me from the rafters. I kept that shirt for years!

9. "Don't cry, don't brace your eye, it's only teenage wasteland."
Anger, energy and execution. One of my favorite "get psyched" tunes EVAH! I saw The Who three times, once in Milwaukee from front and center. Pete Townsend gave me a guitar pick!

8. "Nah, nah, nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, Hey Jude"
It's hard to pick a Beatles lyric for this list-there are so many greats- but I remember my grandmother singing this one to me when I was just a kid. The Beatles had already broken up by the time I was five, so I never got to see them. I remember the day John Lennon was killed like it was yesterday; rest in peace, John.

7. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."
Another band that could make the entire list, but this one is still sound advice today. The building tension of the song from a haunting ballad into a soaring groove is just awesome. I sawThe Rolling Stones three times too; all three times it was in a big stadium and I was in the nosebleed seats. Mick Jagger looked like a little ant I was so far away.

6. "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams"
I heard this song for the first time when I was about twelve years old and I immediately went out and bought the album. A sticker on the album cover said to "play this record LOUD." I did. A lot. I like all the Led Zeppelin tunes, but this is my favorite. I had tickets to see Led Zeppelin in Philadelphia in the fall of 1981, but John Bonham died and they cancelled the tour. My father in law saw them many times in small clubs in England before they got global. You gotta love it when your father in law is into Led Zeppelin

5. "Nembutal numbs it all, but I prefer ALCOHOL!"
The Clash exploded on the mainstream music scene with the album London Calling(which doesn't have a bad track on it) and the "album" lives on as one of the best ever put together by any band IMHO. This lyric and this track sums up The Clash for me: raucous, raunchy, witty and rockin'. I saw The Clash twice in concert: once at the Paradise in Boston before they got "big" and once at the now defunct Cape Cod Coliseum in a double header with Van Halen!

4. "I just want to fly, put your arms around me baby."
Sugar Ray isn't in the same category as the preceding bands, but this song came out when I met my wife and we danced to it (as only two brick footed crackers can) constantly when we were dating. It takes me back... I never saw Sugar Ray live, probably never will; but I love the song.

3. "No his mind is not for rent, To any god or government, Always hopeful, yet discontent, He knows changes aren't permanent, But change is"
Sheer poetry. I frigging LOVE Rush's music! I saw them twice back in the day. Once at the Boston Garden on the Moving Pictures tour and once at the Cape Cod Coliseum on the Subdivisions tour. They are awesome live; I may see them again some day because Rush STILL tours.

2. "Oh oh what I want to know is are you kind?"
Well, are you? I saw The Grateful Dead about twenty times back in the 1980's. My first Grateful Dead show was in the Spring of 1982 at the Providence Civic Center. I also saw The Grateful Dead at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, The Cape Cod Coliseum, Oxford Speedway and many other venues. What a long, strange trip it's been.

And now, the Hotdogman's number one favorite lyric of all time (and it may surprise you)....

"Nothing matters but the weekend, from a Tuesday point of view." and "Lunatics anonymous, that's where we belong!"
This song by The Kings was a one hit wonder in the early eighties. It's fun and carefree and who can argue the logic? I never saw The Kings live, but my friends and I wore this record out!

I had so much fun putting this post together, I am going to do another one in the future. Please leave a comment with your favorites!

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