Pitchers and Catchers

Pitchers and catchers reported to Spring training yesterday!

This means a couple of things to me:

1. Spring is right around the corner
2. Hot Dog season is right around the corner!

Spring is obvious-there are only 34 days until the first day of Spring which comes on March 20 at 11:21 PM this year. Seeing baseball again conjures images of warm, sunny days on emerald fields- a far cry  from the snow covered deep freeze we are in now. When the pitchers and catchers report, the proverbial light is at the end of the tunnel.

Hot Dog season always started for me around the first of April-45 days from today. That's when the real games start. Baseball and hot dogs go together like, well, like baseball and hot dogs! Even though most ballpark hot dogs can't measure up to a dog you'd get from your local hot dog truck, the symbiotic relationship of baseball and hot dogs makes the start of baseball season a tubesteak milestone.

It won't be long until all the hot dog carts and trucks (at least the ones that packed it in for the winter) start dotting the landscape and serving up that finest of delicacies- the roadside hot dog.

So get pumped for Spring training. Hot dog season is right around the corner!

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Dan said...

Jeez, Hotdogman!

40LBS in 2 months sounds a little high! Took me 6 months to lose that!



hotdogman said...

I am on pace to do it in 10 weeks!

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