Law Dogs

From the ABA Journal:

A Kansas City Royals fan has lost his lawsuit that claims he suffered a detached retina when he was hit by a flying, foil-wrapped hot dog tossed by the team’s lion mascot, Sluggerrr.

Jurors deliberated for slightly more than an hour before finding the team not liable for injuries suffered in September 2009 by John Coomer, who had three surgeries to repair his eye. Coomer was a long-time fan who had attended 175 games, according to Chicago Tribune wire services. He said he was “hugely disappointed” by the verdict.

A lawyer for the team had argued Coomer should have taken more responsibility for his own safety.

The Tribune calls the tossed sandwich a “wayward weiner” and a “fateful frank,” while the Kansas City Star calls it a “flung frank.”


A Jackson County jury has ruled that the Kansas City Royals aren't liable for injuries to a fan who was hit in the eye with a hot dog flung by the team's large, furry mascot.

The Kansas City Star reports jurors deliberated a little more than an hour Wednesday afternoon before coming back with the verdict.

John Coomer of Overland Park, Kan., sued for more than $25,000 after he says he suffered a detached retina when he was clocked by the foil-wrapped wiener at a September 2009 game.

Coomer was sitting six rows behind the third-base dugout when the mascot, Sluggerrr, tossed the frank behind his back and struck the fan in the left eye.

Coomer says he's disappointed in the decision but respects the outcome nonetheless.

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