Fishin' in Venice

I went to Venice, FLA with my 4 daughters and my wife. It was a fun filled week of boating, a trip to Adventure Island, the beach, hot dogs, and fishing.

I wake up at 6:30 as a rule. This means that if I waited around for the girls to get ready for the beach, I would be sitting around on the lanai for about 3 hours every day, drinking coffee.

I decided a better way to go about it was to head down to the Venice fishing pier and try my luck while the girls slumbered, showered and organized themselves.

There's lots to see at the pier, including dolphins and manatees (that's a dolphin surfacing below- the manatees were camera shy).

The real attraction at the pier is fishing. There is a whole group of regulars at the pier who contribute to the charm and character of a stroll on the pier, patiently answering the "did you catch anything" type of questions from the tourist crowd.

I have seen some big fish caught out here over the years, including a 6 foot bull shark and a 50 pound kingfish. This guy had a good size cobia on the line...

...alas, his line boke,  :O(

I managed to land a small (by New England standards) bluefish which we had in some fish tacos for supper.

Little Miss even got into the act one day. It was the first time she'd ever been fishing and she landed a small flounder on her second cast.

This was very exciting for her, but it was the worst possible scenario for me: she was now an "expert."
Any way you slice it, a day of fishing at the Venice fishing pier is....

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