Lawton's in Lawrence: Re-opening-TWICE?

A few weeks ago, I posted on How to Start a Hot Dog Business about an iconic building for sale in Lawrence; it's a hot dog stand that used to house Lawton's, an iconic hot dog stand that has re-opened under new ownership AND a new name.

The building has had some major issues the past few years. Heavy rains made the footings under the building unsafe- it sits right on a canal and the old septic system was compromised when excavation for telephone lines further compromised the footings.

The owner of Lawton's walked away from the lease on the property and is planning on re-opening Lawton's across town.

Meanwhile, the owner of the original building is reopening the now repaired original location as "Lawrence Famous Franks." He plans on selling similar fare: hot dogs, sausages, BBQ chicken, wraps, and lobster rolls.

Lawton's owner Joanne Curley doesn't relish the new establishment and feels the public will be misled by the new establishment in the iconic location.

You can read more about Lawrence's Weiner Wars HERE.

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