1301. Once this is posted, that will be the number of posts on this blog. Yesterday's post was number 1300. It took me four years, three months and one day to get to 1300 posts. That's an average of 0.838 posts per day or 5.86 posts per week. That's a lot of posting!

When I started this site back on February 4, 2007 I could never have envisioned where it would take me. I certainly never planned or even began to comprehend there would ever be 100 posts, let alone 1300.

Since that day back in 2007, The Hot Dog Truck has become a big part of my life, even after I sold my real hot dog truck. The creation of this site has led to new friendships, business partnerships, and (at last count) the creation of over 100 other websites (some mine and some I have made for others).

When I first started out, I just wanted a place to advertise my hot dog truck and have a little fun. It has become a fairly good money maker for me and has led me down the path to new internet ventures.

Who'd ever have thought that "the life and times of a Hotdogman" could lead to a mini internet empire?

Since starting, I have helped over one hundred people realize their own dream of starting a hot dog business and I am still helping folks get started today. I have also helped folks get started with their own websites and designed some small business websites.

I am humbled by the enormity and longevity of this site.

I would like to thank all my readers (regulars and occasional) for supporting this site and for being a fan. If I didn't have readers, I wouldn't have 1300 posts and I would probably be selling insurance!

Thank you all very much and hang out for another 1300 posts!

-The Hotdogman

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