Hot Dog Buzz

The Hotdogman  got a lot of BUZZ on the internet last week.

My rankings on Urban Spoon have gone up- all my hot dog sites spike during "hot dog season."

I was invited to Earthfest Boston to sample Applegate Great Organic Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dogs (they are sending me some samples too).

I was invited to the Fabulous Food Truck Festival in Plymouth, but that's the day Veggyhead graduates, so I can't go.

I have become a featured blogger on Restauranteers.

I am an official blogger.

I was contacted by a major TV network (can't say more now).

My buddy, Kirk Taylor, wrote a very nice post about me; I got verklempt reading it!

I will be doing a webinar on "Adsense for Newbies" on

I will be writing a chapter of The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand for the second edition.

And- I will be doing an internet direct response marketing case study as a guest poster on Direct Response dot net.

Last, but not least, I did two new Hot Dog Stories last week (and there are more in the works).


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