Marketing Genius

I was cruising down route 9 last week while on my way to the Recession Stand to do a Hot Dog Story when I saw this billboard.

Customers at the Recession Stand were buzzing about the billboard. I must admit, as a red blooded American male who is married to the very hot Mrs. HDM, my curiosity, albeit prurient, was piqued.

Check out the site for yourself:

In case you didn't click, you'd see the following:

"Is your wife hot? Better get her A/C fixed!"

The site is an advertisement for Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.

Many Rodenhiser crews stopped by the hot Dog Truck for lunch over the years, so I don't mind giving the free plug.

I think this advertisement is sheer marketing genius! I don't know how many converted sales they have made from this campaign, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts they got TONS of clicks and generated quite a few laughs. Company owner Andy Rodenhiser tells me the billboard and website are "phase one" of the advertising campaign. "Phase two" is a TV commercial. I'll post it when it becomes available- it should be good for a chuckle too.

I think this campaign is marketing genius, what do you think?

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