Are you a competitive eater? Check out EatFeats

If you are, you may remember my trip to The Dogfather last month to do a Hot Dog Story. Whoever ate the most chili dogs in 15 minutes won free hot dogs for a year at the truck. Ameteur competitive eater (he claims to have no intentions of going pro) Kurt Champagne took home the prize by scarfing down 13 chili dogs.

Many people are familiar with the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest held every 4th of July at Nathan's Famous on Coney Island, but there are literally thousands of competitive eating contests held across the USA every year. While many are "ameteur" events, there are quite a few that cater to the "professional" competitive eater.

The only problem is, how can you find them? Maybe you're a pro looking for a good pay day or an ameteur seeking to take the next step or just someone who likes to eat a lot and wants to see how you stack up to the competition.

Now there's a place you can go to find the next competitive eating contest near your home. I found a site that reported on the Dogfather's contest on Hot Dog Stories and I checked it out.

EatFeats is a site that aggregates information about competitive eating contests from thousands of sources on the web. They then publish all the information about finding out more or signing up for a contest. There is a state by state listing of events and they even post entry fees and prize money available. Once the contest is complete, winners are posted on the site as well.

So if you want to get into the glamorous world of competitive eating, check out EatFeats.

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