Calling All Geeks

Let's face it, when it comes to cool gadgets, we're ALL geeks. I'll lay ten to one odds that more than 95% of the people reading this article own a cell phone with all sorts of capabilities. That, my friends, is the ultimate cool gadget; but there are many more out there- the trick is finding them.

Now there's a new site that aggregates cool gadgets from all over the interwebs in one place: Geek Alerts Gadget Magazine. Whether you pathologically collect every geeky gadget that comes down the pike or you like giving the latest nifty gadget or funky gizmo as a gift to your equally geeky friends, this is the site for you.

Not only will you find the latest geeky gadgets, you'll be directed to the cheapest online source for purchase. There are even oodles of discount coupon codes on the site, so whether you want a Newegg free shipping coupon or Office Depot coupons, you'll find the discounts you need to satisfy your geeky gadget urges while saving money (even geeks like saving money).

I'm thinking of getting a Sausage Link Dog Leash as a gift from the Hotdogman for a friend of mine with a new puppy. There really IS something for everyone on this site!

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