Feral Kitten

I heard the meowing of a cat near my car this morning. We live at the edge of the woods and I have seen feral cats on and around our property for years. This little fellow gal was still just a kitten.

I called the Metrowest Humane Society. They are "an advocate for animal welfare, MWHS focuses on the well-being of cats in the Metrowest Boston area, including finding loving homes or providing life-long care while educating the community and reducing the feral/stray cat population."

They adopt unwanted kittens. They also trap feral cats, neuter them, and re-release them. This allows them to live out their lives as wild cats without contributing to the unwanted/feral cat population. They're coming to pick up our little friend tomorrow(to the chagrin of Little Miss and the gang). If you want to adopt a kitten, you should give them a call.

If you are aware of feral cats in the Metrowest Boston area, visit the Metrowest Humane Society website or give them a call at 508-875-3776.

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