Pelosi Wants A Weiner Probe

In perhaps the best double entendre headline of the decade, one would think Ms. Pelosi either wants to learn more about hot dogs or she's just incredibly frustrated.

Despite evidence of her love of the tubesteak (or hot dogs), the real story here is she wishes to investigate New York Congressman Anthony Weiner who admitted to Tweeting his weiner by sending lewd pictures of himself to very young women over social networking sites.

This sort of behavior is becoming the norm for erected elected officials these days.

During a recent press conference where he apologized for his behavior, Weiner repeatedly apologized to his wife Humma (no I am not kidding), and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom his wife works for (I love irony).

We can only hope Ms. Pelosi's probe is successful.

A word of advice to Nancy: don't put it on Facebook!

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