A Hot Dog a Day Number 24: Naughty Dogs in Fairhaven, MA

On Sunday, July 24-the 24th day of my journey to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month, we headed down I-195 to Fairhaven in search of.....

Naughty Dogs! 
Naughty Dogs is a small, "summer shack" looking place located at 114 Huttleston Ave (that's route 6) in Fairhaven, MA. They are open 11AM-9PM, 7 days a week.

The inside is bright, welcoming, cheerful and very clean.

There's seating for about 14 inside and there's a take out window too.

The menu features hot dogs. Like most hot dog joints in this area, they feature a Coney Island sauce for their dogs. They have much more than hot dogs though: burgers, wraps, fried chicken, and ice cream.

Janice, one of the owners, greeted us warmly (though she threatened me bodily harm if I asked too many questions about her Coney sauce recipe).

She introduced us to Garrett and Shannon who were also working today.

The "mascot" was in the house too.

They have a pretty simple philosophy at Naughty Dogs.

Part of the reason their food is good is the full on commercial kitchen. Naughty dogs is rocking lots of prep space, three large fryers and a HUGE flat top grill.

Naughty Dogs serves up a steamed Kayem Old Tyme frank on a standard hot dog roll. There's always one customer who orders dogs with ketchup- the customer who ordered these claimed to have actually met Clint Eastwood (and he lived to tell the tale).

Little Miss and Mrs. Hotdogman were along for the ride today. Little Miss got her standard "half mustard, half plain" dog, I got the Coney Island Dog with onions and shredded cheese, and Mrs. Hotdogman got a Naughty Dog with bacon, tomato and shredded cheese. The shredded cheese made Mrs. HDM's day: lots of places have the "squeeze cheese," which I absolutely LOVE. Mrs. HDM doesn't go for it- she wants shredded cheese. The whole cheese issue rocketed Naughty Dogs to the top of Mrs. HDM's list. Don't worry squeeze cheese lovers- Naughty Dogs has that too.

Little Miss liked her dog.

Mrs. HDM was her usual camera shy self. She liked the fact that the dogs were piping hot and very juicy. Did I mention she liked the shredded cheese?

I , of course, 
The Coney sauce was DELISH. Not at all spicy, but very savory and rich. The dog was PIPING HOT- the single most important thing I look for.

The girls give Naughty Dogs


I'd have put two thumbs up, but I didn't want to drop my dog!

When you're in Fairhaven and you want good fast food, skip the nearby Mickey D's, Taco Hell and BK and have a freshly prepared, HOT, hot dog with one of Naughty Dogs' many special toppings.

Tell Janice and the rest of the gang "the Hotdogman sent me!"

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