A Hot Dog a Day Number 27: Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit in Bellingham

A trip to Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit is always fun. It's where I had the 27th hot dog of my quest to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month. Some people say the 27th of July is National Hot Dog Day, others say it's the 19th, and others say it's the 23rd. All I know is this- it's National Hot Dog MONTH, so technically every day would be National Hot Dog Day. I have been to Larry Joe's a number of times, so I decided to have a little extra fun on this trip.

My buddy Drew Bennet, from the Benspark, blog scored a 2011 Camaro for the occasion. He's got some pull with the marketing people at GM and they give him a car to borrow every once in a while. He uses it for a week and then blogs about it. Not a bad gig!

Driving the Camaro to a hot dog story made me think of the old commercial jingle: "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet." I took it out on 495 and the thing can HOP! Drew made me promise not to post any video of me driving- let's just say I tested the limits of the machine....

Larry Joe had the piano cranking and we performed "The Hotdogman" LIVE for the first time. 

He even let me tend to the grill while he ran across the street for ice.

Drew and I chatted with some patrons, then ordered up. Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit serves up half pound Pearl all beef franks that are marinated in his secret sauce and then smoked on a hickory wood-fired grill. Larry Joe bastes the dogs with the sauce as he cooks them and declares them "ready" when the skin crisps and the dogs' skin starts to get a crunchy consistency. The dogs are served on toasted rolls and he tops them with any combo of onions, mustard (his own special blend), tomato salsa, hot pepper relish, chili (his own recipe), barbecue sauce, and berry and walnut chutney. There is no ketchup at the Fire Pit. Larry serves the regular dog and the Fire Dog which is a hot dog loaded with Caribbean style spices. It is eyeball peeling hot stuff- Larry will not sell a Fire Dog to a first time customer. Pearl sells a lot of these dogs down south, but to Larry’s knowledge, he’s the only one who serves these dogs in the northeast. 

I ordered up one with chili, mustard and onions. Drew got one too, then we....


Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit is a unique place. I have a full write up on Hot Dog Stories.

EVERYBODY loves this place!


And special thanks to Drew for getting the Camaro.

For a real treat, head on over to Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit and make sure you tell him "the Hotdogman sent me."

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1 comment:

BenSpark said...

I had such a great time. Thanks for introducing me to Larry Joe's!

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