A Hot Dog a Day Number 30: That's My Dog in Plainville, MA

On Saturday, July 30- the 30th day of my quest to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month, Little Miss and I were tooling down route 495 with the top down on our way to the beach when we decided to pull off at route 1A. We headed south on 1A a couple of miles into Plainville, MA until we came to the South Liquor Store parking lot at 431 South Road. That's the home of That's My Dog- a newcomer on the hot dog scene.

The "OPEN" flag was a flying...

...and the special looked inviting.

Little Miss and I had found the place where I would eat my 30th hot dog!

That's My Dog is run by Mike Hogan. He's a former Union painter in Boston who wanted to have a business of his own. He likes his new avocation, but acknowledges that it's hard work at times. Mike ought to know, he's open 7 days a week from April to November. Sometimes, he takes his show on the road and caters a company event or youth sports tournament. In the winter, he still dabbles in interior painting, but he really wants to be a 4 season hot dog man.

He ordered up the plans to build his own hot dog cart from the folks who write the Hot Dog Biz 101 course and put this little cart together with his brother in law in one weekend. He tows it around with his Chevy S10 pick up truck that doubles as a storage space for his soda coolers.

This cart has all the amenities of any cart you can find- new or used: sinks, storage, a small grill, and 3 steam wells.

The menu is straight forward: hot dogs and Italian sausages. The standard condiments including chili and cheese are available. 

Mike cooks up an all beef Nathan's skinless frank "dirty water" style.

Mike serves them up hot and fast- here's two with ketchup. Don't worry folks, these are for a couple of ten year olds!

Mike caters to "real" dogs too. Our four legged friends get treats too.

Little Miss wanted to get going to the beach, so she ordered up a half mustard, half plain dog and

She likes it!!!

I opted for an all around dog with the onions and relish under and brown mustard on top.


The dog was piping hot and hit the spot!


When you're down in Plainville, or if you're traveling down 495 and you want a quick bite, scoot down route 1A south, avoid the franchised crud and stop by That's my Dog. Make sure you tell Mike "the Hotdogman and Little Miss sent me."

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