A Hot Dog a Day Number Five: The Dog House of Medfield

For the fifth installment of my celebration of National hot Dog Month, I had my daily dog at The Dog House of Medfield. The Doghouse is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 AM to 2PM and is located at 75 West Street in Medfield, in the parking lot of Wills Hardware.

The "house" is actually a cool little, diamond plated stainless steel trailer with a full kitchen inside.

There's even an airy dining room.

Owner Ross Scanlon picked up the trailer last year on Craigslist because he wanted to get out of construction work and into the food business. He tows his business home every night.

There are plenty of hot dog varieties on the menu. You can get a regular dog with the standard condiments or a "loaded" dog with chili or other specialty toppings Ross concocts himself. There are also burgers, steak and cheese, Italian sausage, grilled cheese and meatball subs on the menu.

Ross also serves up breakfast burritos and coffee to the morning crowd.

The trailer's flat top grill and ample steam wells allow Ross to take the Dog House on the road to many other venues. He caters private parties, equestrian events, youth sports games, fairs and many other events. He's also got a slush cart that he brings along to some events.

This customer gave HIS dog a Dog House dog!

Ross serves up a piping hot, Old Neighborhood frank on a split top roll. Old neighborhood's are a favorite amongst hot dog cart operators.

Little Miss got into the act again today with a plain dog- I think she likes it!

I got one All Around and 

The Dog House of Medfield gets TWO THUMBS UP from Little Miss and the Hotdogman.

Stop by the Dog House when you're in Medfield. Tell Ross "the Hotdogman sent me" and be sure to wish him a Happy National Hot Dog Month.

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