A Hot Dog a Day Number Thirteen: The Recession Stand

After a very hectic morning (don't ask), I made another stop to a favorite local trailer on route 30 in Southborough, Massachusetts: The Recession Stand. The sign said they were open until "3ish," so I pulled in.

They had a line going, so I poked around a bit.

The lovely and talented Alise Bartolini, personal trainer, pastry chef and hot dog woman extraordinaire greeted me warmly while her dad, Bobby cooked up the food.

The Recession Stand offers more than hot dogs. They also serve burgers, sausages, a grilled rib eye steak sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad, fries and Alise's home made pastries.

The intimate dining room was filled.

Some old friends from Bose were dining today- these guys used to come to my Hot Dog Truck all the time!

Between selling pastries...

...and putting out piles of hot dogs (this guy said he'd eat all 5 dogs in ten minutes)....

...and being her natural, silly self...

...Alise still had time to make sure I did some push ups before she fed me!

It was worth it! Here's my chili dog from the recession stand: it's a Kayem Old Tyme frank which is steamed up and finished on the grill (so it's piping hot), with Bobby's special chili blend and some chopped onions on a grilled, split top roll.

Alise even coached me through eating my chili dog!

When you stop by the Recession Stand, make sure you tell Alise "the Hotdogman sent me!"


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Stick with the tried and true hot dogs. The rib eye sandwich was a disappointing 1/4" thick piece of grey, fatty, meat. They should really retool this as a French Dip sort of thing with lean, medium rare meat.

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