Hot Doggin in Maine: Nunan's Lobster Hut

Our third stop on our Hot Doggin' in Maine mini tour was a restaurant that is on my top 5 favorite restaurants list: Nunan's Lobster Hut in Cape Porpoise, Maine.

Nunan's is a rustic little shack, built on stilts out over a salt marsh. The Nunan family has been selling lobster since 1953 and has seen 4 generations work in the family biz.

I ambushed Terri Nunan, wife of one of the third generation Nunan's, who runs the front of the house-er-shack. It is rumored that Terri walks over ten miles per night in the restaurant. She was gracious enough to give me a "behind the scenes look" at the operation. It's a true family business. They own three boats to catch the lobsters and everyone is involved in some way, whether it's catching them, cooking them, or working in the restaurant. The first fifth generation Nunan is a few months old- CONGRATS!

She let me in the kitchen and gave a nice interview for Hot Dog Stories.

In case you're wondering why I would be visiting a lobster shack for Hot Dog Stories, Nunan's qualifies: they serve Kayem franks. Of course you'd have to be out of your friggin mind to order a hot dog at this place!

The inside of the place is funky and very lobster shackish.

There are all sorts of photos of old Kennebunkport, lobsters, boats, lobster memorabilia, even mounted lobsters. 

The requisite lobster nets and buoys hang from the rafters.

Lindsey, our server, was terrific and a real good sport. Mrs. HDM and I are easy customers at Nunan's: we know the drill and we know exactly what we want.

The first thing they bring you at Nunan's is a roll, a bag of chips and two or three pickle slices. We always ask for extra pickles.

Mrs. HDM gets a kick out of the "extra pickles" schtick.

We always split a tray of steamers to start. The clams were sweet and tender. No grit at all.

Next up is lobster. These suckers always get me worked up!

We each got the twin lobster special of the night. The lobsters come pre-cracked for easy dining.

Every once in a while, you get one that needs to go back in the pot! (just kidding-it's actually the annual "goofy lobster picture")

We tore into these babies-there's no lobster meat left when we're finished!

After dinner we washed up in one of two dining room hand sinks- lobster in the rough is a tad messy.

To complete a perfect meal, it takes a perfect dessert and Nunan's Home Made Blueberry pie fits the bill. The pies are baked daily and I have yet to find better blueberry pie ANYWHERE (sorry mom).

Look at that bite of pie. Yummmy!

Lobster tastes better in Maine and it tastes even better at Nunan's.


Put this place on your dining bucket list.

If you're in the Kennebunk area- heck even if you're not- GO EAT AT NUNAN's.

Make  sure you tell Terri "the Hotdogman sent me."

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