What's Next for the Hotdogman

I have recently completed eating a hot dog a day for an entire month. I ate hot dogs at 31 different venues including two cookouts, three baseball fields and 26 carts, trailers, trucks, stands, and diners. At these 31 different venues, five different brands of hot dogs were represented. Here's the breakdown:

Nathan's- 1
Shields- 1
Old Neighborhood-4
Pearl- 4
Kayem- 22

Yeah, I know that adds up to 32, but Zippity Do Dogs serves BOTH Kayem and Pearl franks.

Just because July is over, it doesn't mean I will stop doing Hot Dog Stories. Next weekend, Mrs. HDM and I travel to Maine and we'll stop at two or three places- we have a little surprise in store, too. I will also continue to take reader suggestions. Readers have suggested Top Dog in Rockport, Hot Dog Annie's in Leicester, Onleyville New York System in Rhode Island, and Boston Speed's in Boston. I'd also like to hit Gilley's in New Hampshire. There will be others: I want to hit a bunch of hot dog joints in Southeastern Mass and Rhode Island- there's a very rich tradition in that region; I'd also like to get to the western part of the state to check out some iconic joints. I will also continue to seek out hot dog joints while traveling.

I won't be doing any stories this week- until we go to Maine that is and after that I will most likely be limited to one or two stories a week- unless I get a TV contract or some kind of sponsorship to make my little hobby a true avocation. Regardless, I'll still be on the hunt for fun, unique and tasty hot dogs where ever I happen to be.

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