Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I am a do it your selfer. Over the years, I have put an addition on my home, remodeled my kitchen and remodeled two bathrooms. The reason I do it myself is twofold: I enjoy working with my hands and I am a cheap bastard. The last time I re-did a bathroom, I was pretty busy, so I got an estimate from a reputable local contractor. It was $10,000; I ended up doing it myself for just under $2,000. Eight thousand bucks is a lot of money in my book, so the remodel job (which took about three days) was worth it.

Part of doing a remodeling job is hauling off to the store for supplies. I am primarily an internet shopper, you can find everything but the kitchen sink online these days. Or so I thought. Turns out you can get the kitchen sink online now! You can even get Vessel Sinks for your bathroom from MR Direct. Saving a three hour trip to and from a home center would cut down on the time spent on a remodeling project, plus MR Direct's prices rival the home centers in my area and the selection is superior. They ship the same day you order too, so there's no waiting to get the project started.

We have one more bathroom that needs a makeover. It's on the "honey do" list. When I get around to it, I am going to buy a Vessel Sink online and save myself some schlepping around.

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Anonymous said...

Whats with the ads....Where is the dog stories.

What brand of dogs do you serve at your home table?

hotdogman said...

Hey man, I gotta EAT! If you don't know the brand of dogs I serve at the home table, dig deeper grasshopper.....

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