Watch It!

Anyone who remembers Dick Tracy will surely remember his fancy watch. It was a watch AND a video phone. Dick Tracy's vision of the future was we'd all have wrist watches that double as phones. What we really have is phones that double as pocket watches!

Even though pretty much everyone has a clock on their cell phone, I don't think watches will ever become obsolete. They're just too cool. I own several watches- all of them water proof. I can wear my watch while exploring the beach, boating or doing any outdoor activity. One of my watches even has a compass built into it. I'd NEVER bring my Blackberry in swimming with me, but I still like to keep track of time nonetheless. I need to know when it's time to go get a hot dog!

Watches make great gifts too. My wife has given me several watches over the years. Shge says she likes to see me using a gift every day. Since I wear a watch every day, she sees it! A few years ago, she gave me one of those fancy Tag Heuer chronograph watches. I wear it when I get all dressed up for a night on the town.

A fancy watch says, "hey, I have it all together." Guys or gals who wear a Rolex get instant cred wherever they go.

I don't think I will ever NOT wear a watch. I would even be interested in one of Dick Tracy's "watch phones." Who knows, maybe some day someone will actually make one- I'd buy it!

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