Shoemoney's 3rd Annual All expenses paid trip (+2k to gamble) ASW Contest! I WANT TO WIN THIS YEAR!

Shoemoney is at it again. He's running his 3rd Annual All expenses paid trip (+2k to gamble) ASW Contest!

Affiliate Summit West is happening once again on January 8-10 in 2012. It's basically a huge conference for people who sell things online, whether it's books about How to Start a Hot Dog Business, electronic cigarettes, or anything else you can think of. It's a great venue for finding new products, business partners and methods to make money online. I attended Affiliate Summit last year and had a blast.

I entered Shoemoney's contest last year and, unfortunately, fell short. This year I want to win.

Even though I did not win last year, I did get to hang with Jeremy for a bit- he was a friendly, down to earth guy. He even posed for a picture with (a much chubbier) me in the classic Hotdogman "two thumbs up" style.

I didn't get to roll with Shoe and the gang much, but I did snap the picture of Vinay and Shoemoney with gobs of cash after Vinay (last year's winner) won $2000 on one hand of blackjack. This year, I'd like to take home that cash.

As far as Las Vegas goes, I am no stranger to the place. I have been to Vegas 21 times and I have played quite a bit of Blackjack. I also like to "invest" in winning football picks in the sports book. The last time I went to Vegas with my wife, we won a couple thousand dollars playing craps. In my many trips, even though I have laid waste to the Caesar's Palace Buffet many times, I have yet to stay there, so I'd like to give that a try. I'd also like the rush of betting $2,000 on one hand of Blackjack; I was a high roller in Vegas "BC" (before children) and I'd like to get that feeling back, even if it's just for one hand.

In order to win this contest, I have to be chosen as a finalist by Shoemoney's staffers- then the general public votes on the winner.

I will be unique at Affiliate Summit. I will probably be the only person there that generates the bulk of their internet income from writing about hot dogs! While my topic may be somewhat unique in the internet marketing world, carving out a nice little niche on the internet is not. Jeremy, and others in the "internet guru" class, have taught me a lot over the years about how to monetize my sites for maximum profit. Even though Jeremy has become more of a wide ranging entrepreneur by going beyond money making websites into other internet ventures, he still has a lot of sound advice for those starting out and for those who continue to carve out their own piece of internet real estate. The key to being even moderately successful online, while site design, SEO and good content are important, ultimately comes down to relationships. And what better place to forge new online relationships than at Affiliate Summit where about 10,000 other people will be doing the same thing?

I'd also like to do a few more Las Vegas Hot Dog Stories- this time with  the video camera! This time around, I'd like to have more "guest doggers" appear with me- perhaps Jeremy is game?

I had a Gold Pass to last year's Summit, and I feel like I missed out on some of the best educational sessions. The Platinum Pass I'd win with this contest would give me access to EVERYTHING! The more access I have, the more I'll be able to blog about.

So here is my plea to Shoemoney's staff:

Why on earth would I even need to win the contest and "roll with Shoemoney?" After all, I had quite a year myself. You may recall I gained national media attention for my "Eat a Hot Dog a Day for National Hot Dog Month" stunt back in July. That gained me a slew of new readers and a whole bunch of cash, but it didn't put me in that life changing position that hanging with the heavy hitters in the internet marketing game could do.

Like last year, I pledge to bet the whole $2,000 on one hand of Blackjack and, if I win, I will give $1,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Metrowest. They do great work with kids in my community and I'd love to help them out- I used to collect for them at my Hot Dog Truck. I'd also treat Shoemoney and his staff to a feast of Pink's Hot Dogs- the West Coast hot dog icon with a shop at Planet Hollywood. I'd keep about $1,000 for gambling and "investments" and keep the rest for those post holiday bills.

I'd also like to go for the partying. I attended many of the parties last year, but didn't have the "insider's access" I'd get by rolling with the Shoe Crew. After last year's Summit, Jeremy made a big deal about giving a speech on two hours sleep after a night of partying. I'd like the opportunity to show Mr. Shoemoney what REAL PARTYING is all about. I rarely sleep in Las Vegas- I do all my sleeping on the plane!

Even though I did meet Jeremy last year and did get to speak with him briefly, I would love the opportunity to really pick his brain. We do share something in common too- we have both been overweight and we have both lost our girth. I went from 250 pounds to 180 pounds in about a year. Jeremy might not recognize me, there is so much less to see now.

Of course I would shamelessly promote Shoemoney on my sites (like he needs it). After all, PR 4 links are quite valuable....

Seriously, winning this contest would mean the world to my wife, my kids and myself. I have come so far in one year, but I feel like the journey is incomplete. I came much closer to earning a full time income online in 2011 and I want to make it a fully realized dream in 2012. My experiences at Affiliate Summit last year brought me much knowledge, minor fame in hot dog circles, an increased income from my websites and other opportunities- including multiple job offers. I want to take the next step of the journey and winning this contest would be that next step.

So Shoemoney staffers:


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Howie Nguyen said...

Good luck on the contest. I want a hot dog now LOL.

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