Day One at Affiliate Summit West 2012

The first day of Affiliate Summit is a whirlwind. People are coming into town (or scraping themselves out of bed after a night of carousing), rushing to check in and get to those first sessions, and/or setting up the Meet Market and Exhibit hall.

I spent the morning catching up with some of the "players" at the conference. I met up with John Chow and attended his first session. John and I will most likely see a lot of each other this week- he hooked me up with a pass again this year and got me on the VIP List at a bunch of the parties.

I also met up with Julian Hooks too. He's this year's winner of Shoemoney's Contest. I will be interviewing him in detail a bit later....

Missy Ward was in the house- she ought to be. She's the co-founder of Affiliate Summit.

Kirk Taylor was there too. We are launching a co-venture soon, stay tuned....

Jim Kukral, another "guru type" (although he'd say he's an un-guru) was in the house too.

As was premier podcaster Dan Clark of the QAQN Network.

Aside from chatting with folks about the Affiliate Summit, we were talking HOT DOGS. 

The video will be compelling and fun. Stay tuned.

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