The Social Media Overload

Social Media is all the rage. It is an industry that didn't exist ten years ago, now it seems like every company has a person (or department) dedicated to social media.

Individuals and small businesses are into the whole social media thing too. The big three right now are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want a strong online presence, you "need" to have accounts with the big three.

But now there are a bunch of new comers out there. Google Plus, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. I hope I don't "need" to be on those sites too, because, quite frankly, it's hard enough to keep up with the big three! I never want to spend more time on social media than I do with my sites, but if they keep adding new ones that I "need" to be on, that's what will happen!

A few years ago, MySpace was all the rage. I never really got into MySpace-thank God! Imagine all the work people put in to those sites. A whole industry sprung up around it with people selling skins and templates and what not. Where are they now? Probably designing Facebook skins.

Facebook recently announced its IPO; Zuckerberg will finally get his billions, but what of Facebook, or any of these other social media entities? Will they continue to be relevent or will they go the way of MySpace?

Time will tell. I just hope there aren't any more social media platforms I "need" to be on!

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