Local Internet Savvy Plumber Answers "The Question"

I interviewed Mr. Andy Rodenhiser, owner of Rodenhiser Plumbing today. His company made some waves around here last summer with this billboard:

Needless to say, the many billboards in the greater Boston area piqued people's interest and riled a few of the more Puritanical types around here. The URL linked to a portion of Andy's website on air conditioning repair.

I sat down with Andy to chat about local marketing from a business person's point of view- as opposed to the internet marketer's point of view folks so often read about. That interview, along with a few others, will be the focus of a story about local internet marketing over on RobMerlino.com in the near future.

As regular readers may know, whenever I do an interview, I ask "The Question."

So, true to form, I asked Andy: "Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

His answer: "Ketchup ...boring... Chile, onions and real cheese, now you have my attention!
And bacon!!!!!"

I know mama Rodenhiser raised her boys right! Now if she could only get Andy's brother to show up for appointments!!!

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