Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit Returns from the Ashes

I just got a call from Sir Lawrence Joe of Frankfurter, the owner and operator of Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit. Larry is a bit late getting out there this season due to a fire in his trailer toward the end of last season. Larry originally thought an electrical short caused the fire, but the insurance inspector said the fire originated in his trash can and the most likely cause was a discarded cigarette butt. The inspector said wax paper is a low level accelerant and most likely smoldered for several hours before igniting the rest of the trailer.

Larry had gone home for the day and was in his house when he heard an explosion. He rushed outside and his trailer was engulfed in flames!

The fire department put out the fire...

...but the trailer was a total loss.

Luckily, The Fire Pit was fully insured and will be replaced with a new and improved rig very soon.

Larry hoped to have had his new trailer by the end of March, but his new trailer manufacturer went out of business and he had to start over again with a new company. This backed him up about six weeks. He wanted to set up a kiosk in his usual spot, but permitting would have been a nightmare and he "didn't want any trouble with the town over a few weeks."

The new rig is scheduled to arrive the first week in May. It will take him a week or so to set things up and get provisioned, so he's planning on a "soft opening" the second or third week of May to "work out the kinks." Larry is planning a gala Grand Opening the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Since he lost so much time this season so far, Larry will have an expanded schedule from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For the Fanatic Fans of Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit, this will mean longer hours every day!

While dealing with building out the new trailer, Larry has cultivated the more entrepreneurial side of his business. He has partnered up with some students at The Northeastern University Entrepreneurship Immersion Program to conduct a case study on expanding his business. He calls the students his "administrative team;" they're working on various ways to market both the business and the business opportunity of Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit. This sounds interesting. Maybe Larry could take his proposal to The Shark Tank!

Larry and I chatted for twenty minutes or so. I will be at his soft opening for sure for a Hot Dog Story. We also talked a bit about the National Hot Dog Month 2012 tour. Larry will be one of the stops for sure.

The one question burning (no pun intended) in my mind about the new trailer was whether or not Larry would have a new keyboard on-board. The answer is YES! Gone is the old Casio. Larry has replaced it with a brand new Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano! He will have speakers mounted in the trailer too. Ever the showman, Larry treated me to a few choruses of his new theme song "Woke Up this Morning," by Alabama3. This is more commonly known as the Soprano's Theme Song. Only Larry Joe could jam out on an electric piano over the phone and make it sound good.

I am looking forward to seeing Larry's new rig- and chowing down on some Pit Dogs!

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1 comment:

TT said...

An excellent update. Hope there aren't anymore snags to Larry's re-opening.

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