National Hot Dog Month Developments

July will be upon us soon, and with July comes the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour! I have been planning for a few months now, but preparations will kick into high gear over the next few weeks.

I am preparing my list of places to visit, and when it is finalized, I will publish it. Don't forget to vote for your favorite hot dog joint that you'd like to see included on the tour HERE. I can't guarantee I will get to every place, but I do a lot of Hot Dog Stories from now through November, so even if a place isn't visited in July, I still may get there. Don't forget, we go Hot Doggin' in Maine, Montreal, Florida, and all over New England. I also plan to attend the new Jersey Hot Dog Tour in the fall!

Kodak has provided us with cameras, Onion Crunch is going to provide some product for the tour too.

We will be doing a "warm up" visit to Holman Stadium in Nashua, NH on Tuesday June 26 for their $1000 Hot Dog Night. The hot dog wrappers are stuffed with $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50 bills so each patron has a chance to win some  money with their purchase. That night, the Nashua Silver Knights will be playing the Wachusett Dirt Dogs and The Hotdogman will be throwing out the first pitch and eating the ceremonial first hot dog! I might referee a hot dog eating contest too.

I am also pleased to announce that Pearl Franks are the OFFICIAL National Hot Dog Month Hot Dog! We will be kicking off the month of July with a visit to their plant in Randolph, MA. Buddy Lazaro has promised us some franks, including their new Jalapeno Franks, to bring around to vendors and patrons alike while on the tour. We'll get the nickel tour of the plant to kick off the month and we'll go from there!

Thanks Pearl!

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1 comment:

Yank's Franks said...

Pearl Jalapeno Dogs are awesome.
Hot Dog Man, you better practice your pitching. Nothing less than a strike is acceptable.
Visit Yank's in July. It's a must.

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