Mick Jagger: Hopefully NOT the Last Time on SNL

When Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time back in 1978, they were panned by critics as being unrehearsed and just plain bad. My guess is the "chemical culture" Mick and the Stones embraced back in the 1970's had something to do with that; they were probably coked up out of their minds.

 Last night, as I was peeling back the covers and flipping through the channels, I came upon the Saturday Night Live season finale, hosted by none other than Mick Jagger. Being the age I am, I sat up and took notice. After all, Mick and the Stones have provided quite a soundtrack for my life and countless others from my generation. He was listed as host and musical guest. I was very curious. Mick Jagger is only 2 years younger than my dad. I just can't envision my father prancing around on stage singing "Satisfaction" (or anything for that matter).

I wasn't sure what to expect from Mick, but I can assure you, I wasn't disappointed! Each musical performance was well done and left me urgently waiting for the next. When six gospel singers took the stage around midnight, I didn't know what was going on- then I caught what they were singing. Before long, Mick was doing his thing, singing "The Last Time" with a band called Arcade Fire.


 The next time Mick hit the stage, I recognized The Foo Fighters as his band and I knew it was going to rock! A medley of "19th Nervous Breakdown" and "It's Only Rock n Roll" blew me away. I think the Foo Fighters are one of the best "new (er)" bands playing rock music today and to see them going all out with the iconic Mick was amazing. They literally blew the place out.


 The next tune was a blues riff, with Mick singing about life in the White House and the 2012 Presidential elections. Jeff Beck joined Mick and the Saturday Night Live Band and hit a home run. Beck was the star of this segment as he took blues riffs to new heights. Jagger had some quippy lyrics; my favorite was a line about Mitt Romney: "one little thing about him, don't ever let him cut your hair."


 The ending sequence, a tribute to Kristen Wiig who is leaving the show, was a medley of "Like a Rainbow" and Goodbye Ruby Tuesday." It was bittersweet, but well done and once again, musically spot ON. I don't always watch Saturday Night Live, but if Mick Jagger hosts again, I will be tuning in for sure!


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