National Hot Dog Month Tour Official Press Release

National Hot Dog Month begins on July 1 and once again, the Hotdogman is eating a hot dog a day at a different venue each day to celebrate!

The official press releases went out today. 

Here is the official National Hot Dog month Tour Press release:

Contact: Rob Merlino                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Pledges to eat a hot dog a day in July, 2012

May 29, 2012, Natick, MA- Rob Merlino, a former hot dog vendor turned “ambassador to Hot Dog Nation,” will celebrate National Hot Dog Month again this July by eating a hot dog a day at 31 different venues. Mr. Merlino publishes the website Hot Dog Stories as well as several other hot dog related websites. Last summer, he gained national attention for his month long tour. Once again, his mission is to explore and publicize the multitude of hot dog carts, trailers, and trucks, plus other dining venues that feature the ubiquitous summer food: the hot dog. This year, in addition to producing 31 videos of each visit, Merlino intends to produce a 60-90 minute documentary style film centered on the event and write a book about it as well. He is actively seeking sponsorships for this project as of this writing. “There are many businesses that could benefit from being associated with such an outrageous stunt,” says Merlino. More information about the book and film project can be found at and

Mr. Merlino ran a hot dog truck for six years. He had two locations during that time, one in Southborough, MA for 4 years and another in Marlborough, MA for two years. Health issues forced the sale of his business in 2010, but he still had a lot of love for hot dogs. So he set out to explore hot dog joints. He visited over 35 different hot dog joints in 2010, 48 places in 2011 and plans to top 2011’s number in 2012.

The idea for the Hot Dog Stories site came to him after appearing on the PBS television show Roadside Stories. “I figured I would take the concept of that show- stopping at the side of the road to hear people’s stories- and apply it to hot dog stands,” says Mr. Merlino. His stories are published once or twice a week from mid April through mid December. He has started making videos of his hot dog excursions and publishes them on Youtube.

The idea to celebrate National Hot Dog Month in a public way was actually a suggestion given to him by one of his story subjects. The particular vendor who gave him the idea wanted him to eat at his trailer for all 31 days in July! Mr. Merlino will document his epicurean feat on his website. “I figure there are always stories in the news about hot dogs in July due to it being National Hot Dog Month, so I decided it would be a good idea if ‘the Hotdogman’ celebrated with a hot dog a day.” A big part of Mr. Merlino’s motivation to conduct this tour is to bring smaller businesses, which might not get any media exposure at all, into the limelight, even if it is only for one day. He also likes to chronicle established, “iconic” locations. “Hot Dog Joints are an American phenomena that have not succumbed to the ‘big boxification’ of the American landscape; the small hot dog cart at the side of the road and the long standing iconic joint s speak to the independent and entrepreneurial nature of American culture,” says Merlino. Mr. Merlino confesses to eating at least one hot dog a day every day he operated his hot dog truck. “The average American eats 70 hot dogs a year- I guess I’m above average!”

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