National Hot Dog Month Tour 2012 Day 5

July 5, 2012 was day 5 of my National Hot Dog Month Tour. I found myself in Worcester, MA at The Dogfather: Worcester's ONLY Extreme Hot Dog Truck.

The last time I visited The Dogfather, owner Mark Gallant was putting on his annual Chili Dog Eating Contest. While it was a fun event to cover, I don't go for eating contests. 

Another famous contest got a LOT of press the past few days: Nathan's Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. The winner, Joey Chestnut, ate 68 hot dogs in ten minutes. That's more than twice as many hot dogs as I will eat all month!

The National Hot Dog Month Tour isn't about eating to compete, it's about celebrating each vendor and each unique spin on the American staple they create. Some places are more traditional in their approach while other places push the encased meat's culinary extremes.

The Dogfather is a place that creates hot dog concoctions that are out of the ordinary. I heard Mark had come up with a new creation, so I headed on out to see what it was.

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