Larry Joe has had a Tough Year

Frequent readers will know, I am a big fan of Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit. This hot dog trailer has that rare combination of excellent hot dogs and what I will just call "atmosphere." Last December, Larry Joe suffered a devastating fire. A cigarette butt smoldered in a trash can for hours, finally igniting some wax paper while the trailer was parked in Larry's driveway. The trailer blew up.

It was a total loss.

Luckily, Larry Joe had insurance for his hot dog business, so he was able to rebuild. Because of the exacting design specifications Larry had for his trailer and the fact that his first manufacturer couldn't complete the job, it took 26 weeks for The Fire Pit to reopen. 

Sure enough, near the beginning of July, Larry Joe was once again parked in the parking lot of Larry's Package Store (no relation).

Fanatic Fans of Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit were once again secure in the knowledge they could lay their hands on Larry Joe's delicately smoked, half pound, Pearl franks.

BUT (could you feel it coming), once again, Larry Joe faced a setback. Larry's Package Store was sold and the new owners didn't want the Fire Pit in their parking lot! Never mind that Larry's presence increased sales at the store, they politely asked Larry to leave and, rather than make a big stink, he politely left.

Once again, the sight of Larry Joe handing out his Pit Dogs and Fire Dogs seemed in jeopardy. Poor Larry, if it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all (I can almost hear him playing the tune now).
Larry is a survivor though. He promptly found a new location about a mile away in Mendon, MA. He'll be in the parking lot of  Westwood Lumber at 23 Cape Road (route 140) in Mendon. Larry found the spot and got all his permits in order at one Board of Selectman's meeting; he must have fed the local politicians for them to move so fast!

I am told the owners at the new location are DELIGHTED that the Fire Pit is on their property. I'm glad he landed on his feet too. Larry not only serves some of the most outrageous franks I have ever had, he's also a good guy and a good ambassador to Hot Dog Nation. I am going to swing by the Fire Pit for lunch tomorrow to check out the new digs.

Here's hoping Murphy's Law is done with Larry Joe for a LOOOONG TIME!

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Laurie said...

As a resident of "the little town of Mendon" and an avid follower of your blog (breathlessly awaiting those t-shirts--I'm good for a half dozen!), I'm thrilled to have Larry Joe at Westwood Lumber. Will share the news with my hot-dog lovin'/$3 rule for lunch husband!

Anonymous said...

And i'll just as politely refuse to ever shop at the package store ever again.

Can't wait for hotdog heaven this weekend!


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