Troy Landry, The King of the Swamp meets the Hotdogman

I went to Affiliate Summit East in New York. I was a speaker at a round table discussion on using Mass Media to drive web traffic.

Part of the Affiliate Summit experience is the exhibit hall where all kinds of vendors and service providers gather to pitch their wares to affiliates and publishers like myself.

One of the honchos at is a big fan of the TV show Swamp People, so they arranged to have Troy Landry, the King of the Swamp, greet people at their booth for a couple of hours on Monday.

I like the show, so I was psyched to meet him. I asked him "the question" too....

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1 comment:

Yank's Franks said...

Rob, you didn't even bring him a hot dog?
You could have asked him the important question, "would you ever put mayo on a hot dog?" I guarantee he doesn't.

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