David Cox from Shark Tank answers the Question

I spoke to David Cox who appeared in episode 408 of Shark Tank. He told me all about his business, PC Classes Online and his friendship with comedian Bruce Vilanch. How they met is a very funny story and you can read it on the Shark Tank Blog.

David didn't fare so well in the Shark Tank, but his business is doing just fine.

I wanted to know what the Natick, MA native's answer to "The Question" was. Natick is home to Casey's Diner, the oldest continuously run family diner in the USA. Casey's is famous for their hot dogs!

As a Natick native, I would expect a certain answer, but I asked anyway:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

David answered: "I put rainbows, glitter, and unicorns*!"

I think David must be just a little too fabulous....

He later confessed to putting ketchup on his hot dogs. If we ever dine at Casey's, Pat will cut his hot dog in half!

*According to David, unicorns taste like chicken.
** No unicorns were harmed while writing this post.

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